Hero Electric Optima price: range, speed, battery, variants, etc.

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Do you want to know the details of the Hero Electric Optima electric scooter? Hero is a two-wheeler and four-wheeler manufacturer that has launched many popular models in India, like the Hero bike, the Hero Splendour, etc. Today we are specifically going to tell you about a new Hero electric scooter named the Hero Electric Optima, which will be launched in June 2023.

The Hero Optima electric scooter will come in four variants whose prices will change variant-wise. The names of these four variants are Hero Electric Optima CX Single Battery, Hero Electric Optima CX Dual Battery, Hero Electric Optima CX 2.0, and Hero Electric Optima CX 5.0.

I am Kushal Mohan, and in this particular blog, I will try to give you complete information about the Hero Electric Optima range, price, variants, and speed. And if you like to read reviews of electric scooters like this, then join our Telegram and WhatsApp groups today.

Hero Electric Optima on road price 

The popularity of this electric scooter increasing gradually in India. This electric scooter has four variants, whose prices are different. The price of this electric scooter ranges from Rs 71,340 to  Rs 90,334 for the top variant.

Hero Electric Optima specification 


The electric scooter provides you with a very good range at this price point, its range is 135 km/charge, so you will not need to charge this electric scooter again and again, and you can also cover your long journey with it.


The top speed of this electric scooter varies variant-wise, in which the Hero Electric Optima single battery top speed is 40 km/h and the Hero Electric Optima double battery top speed is 42 km/h, which is a decent speed.

Battery capacity 

This electric scooter has come with a powerful lithium-ion battery, which is quite good. The capacity of this lithium-ion battery is 51.2 V/30 Ah, and it takes up to 4-5 hours to fully charge.


This electric scooter will come with alloy wheels, and its front tyre size is 90/90-12 and its rear tyre size is 90/90-12, which gives this electric scooter a very good grip.

other feature 

This electric scooter comes with a remote start and a start button. This electric scooter has a 1200 volt motor, and along with it, it comes with cruise control and a digital speedometer.

Hero Electric Optima Variants

Hero Optima comes in four variants, namely Hero Electric Optima CX Single Battery, Hero Electric Optima CX Dual Battery, Hero Electric Optima CX 2.0, and Hero Electric Optima CX 5.0, and their prices also vary variant-wise. For example, Hero Electric Optima CX Dual Battery’s on-road price is ₹ 71,340 while the CX Single Battery is priced at ₹ 90,334.


In today’s blog, we talked about the range, speed, battery, variants, and features of the Hero Electric Optima electric scooter. I hope you find this blog informative. We will continue to share information about all-electric scooters like this gradually, and if you have any questions related to this article, you can also ask us by commenting.

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Does Hero Electric Optima CX need license?

No need licence for Hero Electric Optima CX

Hero electric optima on road price

The on-road price of the Hero Electric Optima electric scooter is Rs 71,340 to Rs 90,334 for the top variant.

hero electric optima battery price

battery price of hero electric optima is Rs 23,000

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