The Mercedes AMG E Scooter debuted with updated braking and a higher price tag.

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Mercedes AMG E Scooter
Mercedes AMG E Scooter

Mercedes Benz recently announced the Mercedes-AMG e-scooter, which is an upgrade of the existing Mercedes Benz E Scooter with a micro mobility system. The 500 watt electric scooter is designed to handle the final leg of the journey in an urban environment. A 500 watt motor and road clearance means that the Mercedes-AMG e-scooter shouldn’t have serious legal problems.

Overall, the Mercedes AMG E scooter brand will be little more than a reimagining of the existing electric scooter, with the only notable differences coming in the form of a new design base, AMG branding, and bold colours. Another notable change is a price jump of 200 euros. The basic Mercedes-Benz e-scooter comes in at 1,199.90 euros, while the AMG model will set you back 1,399.90 euros.

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The Mercedes-AMG e-scooter has two driving modes that determine performance and distance. Sport mode is more flexible and only calls up to 25 kilometres (15.5 miles), while Eco mode offers up to 40 kilometres. Distance and driving information can be viewed through a micro application connected to the e-scooter via hand display or Bluetooth. Weighing in at 14.7 kilogrammes (32.4 pounds), the Mercedes-AMG isn’t light, but it’s not so heavy that it creates enough stress when entering a car or public transportation.

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