Simple One Electric Scooter Pros and Cons | Negative and Positive Points

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Simple One Electric Scooter
Simple One Negative and Positive Point

Simple One electric scooter was recently launched on May 23 in India, and it is most popular now in India. In today’s latest blog, we will learn about some positive and negative points of the Simple One electric scooter, which I have faced myself.

In this blog, we will do an honest review of this electric scooter, and if you want to know more about this latest electric scooter, stay tuned to this blog.

Negative Point

1- The most significant negative point of this electric scooter is its price, which is Rs 1.45 lakh, and most Indians are not happy with this point as most middle-class people cannot buy this electric scooter at this price point.

2- You must pay Rs 13,500 for this electric scooter and the 750-watt charger.

3- The build quality of the Simple One is much worse than that of other electric scooters. The company has used quality seat material in the electric scooter, which needs to be corrected for this price point.

4- A removable battery is available for this electric scooter. Still, if your main battery’s charge runs out, you can run this electric scooter only in eco mode with the removable battery.

5- In the initial time, there may be a problem in providing service to Simple Energy because a global company like Ola Electric also had a lot of difficulty in providing service in the beginning, so maybe there will be a lot of difficulty in providing service to the Simple One electric scooter as well.

Positive point 

1- All the approvals related to the Simple One electric scooter have been taken from the government, which is a very good thing, and with this electric scooter, you get complete safety because it has been launched after a lot of testing in India.

2- The simple electric scooter is an electric scooter in which we get one fixed and one removable battery, which is the first time this has been seen in any electric scooter in India. Although you can run this electric scooter in Eco Mode with a removable battery, it is a good feature. 

3- You get very good speed and pickup in this electric scooter; the speed of 0 to 40 kilometres is reached in just 2.77 seconds, which is less than 3 seconds, and the top speed of this electric scooter is up to 105 kmph. 

4- The maximum range is seen in this electric scooter, which is not found in any electric scooter to date. This electric scooter provides us with a range of 225 iDC.


Recently, the Simple One Electric Scooter was launched on May 23, and it is trending a lot in India. In today’s latest blob, we have told you some of its negative and some positive pros and cons, which we have experienced ourselves, as well as information that has been collected from Google and given to you. If you find this informative blog, then you can follow us on Google News and other platforms as well. Whatever query you want to ask us, you can ask us by messaging us, and we will give you a reply as soon as possible.

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